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 Tar Sands Development Means... 

Alberta’s tar sands are one of the biggest social and ecological challenges in North America, fueling climate change, destroying the northern boreal forest, and drying up our mighty rivers.

With proven reserves of 175 billion barrels, the tar sands are second only to Saudi Arabia in available oil supply. As development continues at an alarming rate, concerns are growing over the impacts on communities and the environment.

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Action Alert - Tar Sands Time Out!
The Alberta government is wrapping up the final rounds of public hearings to determine the future of the Alberta tar sands. Let them know that the world is watching and send them your thoughts. Tell them to declare a MORATORIUM on the tar sands now!


Concerned Citizens and Sierra Club of Canada call for a separation between Oil and State
Consultations with the Alberta Public on future Oil Sands Development have yet to finish, yet Premier Ed Stelmach conducts business as usual with big oil companies. This shows his blatant disregard for the growing public concerns on the pace and impacts of increased development in the province.

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