3 factors to replace the windows on your house

Did you understand that your home might not be reaching its full capacity both visually and thermally? Most of the time, the reason for this is out-of-date windows that could do with being changed by something more modern-day;  Here are 3 reasons to change the windows on your Kent home.

Improved window thermal efficiency
Relatively old windows will more than likely not have effective glazing and will rather have simply one pane of glass. Windows with nothing but one pane of glass aren’t thermally effective since the glass lets heat travel through it with ease, indicating no matter just how much you attempt to heat your house, most of the heat will leave.

This can be dealt with by the inclusion of double or triple glazing. Double glazing adds a second pane of glass whilst leaving a pocket of Argon or Krypton gas in between them. The inert gas used helps keep heat within the home and slows it down as it tries to pass through the window.

You can increase the level of thermal effectiveness even further by having triple glazed windows fitted. As the name recommends, triple glazing makes use of 3 different panes of glass, which develops another pocket filled with an inert gas to further limit heat trying to leave your house.

The uPVC profile we use for our windows is made up of numerous chambers, which also assists improve thermal effectiveness. Double and triple glazing on a residential or commercial property not just lowers the heat lost through your windows however likewise prevents draughts and cold areas.

Improved window aesthetic appeals
Modern windows are able to have much more alternatives when it comes to customisation in contrast to traditional windows. uPVC windows in particular are offered in a huge selection of frame designs, each with their own special features. With anything from sash and moving sash to bow & bay and tilt & turn windows, you’ll discover a design that’s best for you!

The window options do not end at the style of the frames though, as soon as you’ve picked the kind you want, you’ll then be able to choose a variety of glass choices, colour alternatives, and manages. There are numerous glass options that have various residential or commercial properties and designs that can actually make an impact on how your house is seen by individuals.

There are a vast array of lead, bevel and colour styles, which permit your modern-day windows to truly stick out. You may not believe it, however the manages you pick can likewise have a big effect on the general appearance of the windows, which is why we enable you to pick both the style and colour of your window manages.

Improved window security
Another benefit you’ll gain upon replacing your old windows is assurance as you’ll be much more secure in your own house. Most windows use contemporary security functions to make sure that you’re at very little risk of a break-in. Our windows are fitted with high-quality locking systems and strong products to discourage prospective trespassers.

If you’re wanting to genuinely beef up the security of your house, you might be interested in our aluminium flush sash windows, which are manufactured by Räum and are Secured by Design certified.

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How to pick a contemporary front door for your house

With many options offered to property owners today, the job of choosing a modern front door for your house can appear incredibly difficult. There are a variety of factors one must consider when searching for a front door, generally in relation to your personal choices and the style of your house. Understandably, no one wants to make this choice blind, which is why we’ve made this convenient guide for you!

1930s front door
Combining the standout design of the 1930s with the extraordinary performance attributes of modern doors, a 1930s front door will make sure that your home is distinct in its look. They’re usually a design of composite door, which implies they’re incredibly durable.

Aesthetically, they utilise lively colours and also tend to have a stained-glass design. You may think that the name implies only older homes would be compatible with this design of door but in reality, they can blend in seamlessly with any type of residential or commercial property. This type of door is something you might choose if you’re looking to be distinct.

Double glazed doors and side panels
Side panels infographicOne essential aspect of a door is how well it can retain heat within your home, which is where double glazed doors can be found in. By using two panes of glass instead of one, there’s space in-between them for a pocket of argon gas. Argon gas excels at stopping heat as it attempts to go through the glass within your door, whereas a single pane of glass permits heat to travel through it with ease. Double glazing is most efficient when used on French, patio, slide & swing, and bi-folding doors as they’re made up of mostly glass.

You can get side panels for composite doors Side panels are vertical panels that are put at either side of the door and they’re generally made from glass or a composite material. There’s likewise something called a top box, which is essentially a side panel that sits horizontally at the top of your door. Side panels are both ornamental and practical in their usage. They tend to have glass panes which allow for more light to be let into your home and they likewise make the entryway to your home appearance larger and more welcoming.

Contemporary composite front doors
Composite doorsComposite door infographic are comprised of a range of products, including however not restricted to: enhanced plastic, uPVC, genuine wood, and insulating foam. The combination of these materials produces a door that is very durable and developed to last. A composite door uses robust door skins to make them as weatherproof as possible. Whilst composite doors are shown to be useful, you might be questioning how they are aesthetically.

A modern composite door is one that can be personalised in a range of methods. We provide composite doors that can be found in a range of colours and designs, including our formerly mentioned 1930s front doors, so there’s a composite door for each type of home.

uPVC is a product that’s both incredibly strong and durable, it’s also low upkeep and easy to tidy. A uPVC door won’t rot or warp like some other type of doors might and they also don’t require to be repainted frequently. uPVC doors are extensively customisable and are thermally efficient too! Integrate all of these excellent things with a cost effective rate and you’ll see why the uPVC door continues to be the door of choice for lots of homeowners. Trimmer Windows offers many different sort of uPVC doors, including both front and back.

Wood effect uPVC doors.
As discussed, uPVC doors are one of the most common sort of doors in use today, and for good factor too. If you’re interested in a uPVC door but want it to stand apart among the rest, there’s no much better method than getting a wood effect uPVC door A wood result uPVC door is a traditional uPVC door, however it’s designed to have the appearance of a wooden or lumber door, more showing the versatile customisation of uPVC doors.

Black front door.
If you’re truly not particular on the kind of door you want for your home, there’s a design that is universally appropriate which is a black front door. No matter what kind of home you have, a black front door will constantly look great thanks to its simplistic but deeply fascinating appearance. Whether your door is uPVC, composite, or aluminium, black is always an alternative and you really can’t go wrong with it.

What material is best for a front door?
The answer to this concern is more of an opinion than a reality. Whilst it’s true that different products have various strengths, there is no definitive best material. If you’re searching for a well-rounded door at a lower rate than many others, opt for a uPVC door. If you’re looking for a door that is phenomenally strong and safe, then a composite door is for you. Property owners trying to find a door that is sleek and elegant might be interested in an aluminium door above all else.

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