Our environment has continued to change, throughout the summer months we are frequently experiencing temperatures comparable to what you ‘d discover in the Mediterranean. Many of us enjoy the warmer weather, we also discover it overwhelming and sometimes dangerous during heatwaves.


Lots of homeowners aren’t prepared for severe heat and most of our domestic components don’t assist when it comes to heat regulation.


Reasons For Internal Heat


Among the main reasons why our houses start to warm up at night is because of their design features, a lot of UK homes having large expanses of glass on the south dealing with side of the structure.


Instead of setting up little south dealing with windows in our homes, home builders tend to fit big windows dealing with into the sun. This causes our houses to soak up more heat during the day, increasing the temperature inside throughout the night.


As our homes trap a growing number of heat, we discover it difficult to cool down without leaving air conditioning units and fans on all night.


Cooling Down on Warm Summer Days


Home builders must consider their designs when building houses with south facing windows, they have the chance to develop from scratch, giving them the possibility to fit better structures.


Most of us don’t have the luxury of constructing a new house, so we need to handle bad styles and excessive heat using other approaches.


This implies choosing the right types of doors and windows for our residential or commercial property, product that helps to decrease heat and stop it from entering our houses.

Stop the Heat from Rising


Here are three of the very best ways to stop your house from getting warm during the day.


  • Keep Your Windows Closed When It Gets Hot Outdoors
  • Keep Your Curtains Closed Throughout the Day
  • Open the Windows When It Gets Cooler Outside

If it is hotter outside than it is inside, logic tells you that if you open your windows, the warmer air will penetrate your building. If you keep your windows and drapes shut, you don’t permit heat into your home.


The very best method of keeping the heat out is to install energy efficient glazed panels on your main doors, conservatories, patios and windows.


When shut, a premium glazed window will not permit much heat to enter your properties, particularly if keep in mind to close your curtains or blinds.


Our choice of double and triple glazed windows are skilfully developed with contemporary features which considerable decreases heat penetration.


So, if you ‘d like to keep your house cool without having to depend on expensive cooling systems, have a look at our comprehensive series of energy conserving windows.

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