3 factors to replace the windows on your house

Did you understand that your home might not be reaching its full capacity both visually and thermally? Most of the time, the reason for this is out-of-date windows that could do with being changed by something more modern-day;  Here are 3 reasons to change the windows on your Kent home.

Improved window thermal efficiency
Relatively old windows will more than likely not have effective glazing and will rather have simply one pane of glass. Windows with nothing but one pane of glass aren’t thermally effective since the glass lets heat travel through it with ease, indicating no matter just how much you attempt to heat your house, most of the heat will leave.

This can be dealt with by the inclusion of double or triple glazing. Double glazing adds a second pane of glass whilst leaving a pocket of Argon or Krypton gas in between them. The inert gas used helps keep heat within the home and slows it down as it tries to pass through the window.

You can increase the level of thermal effectiveness even further by having triple glazed windows fitted. As the name recommends, triple glazing makes use of 3 different panes of glass, which develops another pocket filled with an inert gas to further limit heat trying to leave your house.

The uPVC profile we use for our windows is made up of numerous chambers, which also assists improve thermal effectiveness. Double and triple glazing on a residential or commercial property not just lowers the heat lost through your windows however likewise prevents draughts and cold areas.

Improved window aesthetic appeals
Modern windows are able to have much more alternatives when it comes to customisation in contrast to traditional windows. uPVC windows in particular are offered in a huge selection of frame designs, each with their own special features. With anything from sash and moving sash to bow & bay and tilt & turn windows, you’ll discover a design that’s best for you!

The window options do not end at the style of the frames though, as soon as you’ve picked the kind you want, you’ll then be able to choose a variety of glass choices, colour alternatives, and manages. There are numerous glass options that have various residential or commercial properties and designs that can actually make an impact on how your house is seen by individuals.

There are a vast array of lead, bevel and colour styles, which permit your modern-day windows to truly stick out. You may not believe it, however the manages you pick can likewise have a big effect on the general appearance of the windows, which is why we enable you to pick both the style and colour of your window manages.

Improved window security
Another benefit you’ll gain upon replacing your old windows is assurance as you’ll be much more secure in your own house. Most windows use contemporary security functions to make sure that you’re at very little risk of a break-in. Our windows are fitted with high-quality locking systems and strong products to discourage prospective trespassers.

If you’re wanting to genuinely beef up the security of your house, you might be interested in our aluminium flush sash windows, which are manufactured by Räum and are Secured by Design certified.

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Are you replacing your uPVC double glazed windows? Don’t fall into these traps …

As the new year starts, you might have started looking at the state of your home and concluded that your windows need replacement. It’s simple to be eager to get your windows changed as quickly as you can but it’s worth carefully considering the type of windows you desire and the installers you pick to perform the work. By being careful, you can be certain that your windows will serve you a long time and the financial investment will be one you’re glad you made. Here are some traps you must attempt to prevent if you don’t wish to wind up sensation disappointed.

The issues with inexpensive installers
coinsIt’s easy to immediately want to opt for the most inexpensive window installers you can discover, after all, who does not wish to conserve as much cash as possible? The problem with this is that many of these installers with rates that seem ‘too excellent to be real’ typically cut costs in other places to make up for it. Whether it’s utilising inexpensive products in the items themselves or using affordable techniques of setup, the repercussions of their work will make themselves understood to you within due time.

You might be wondering what the effects are from purchasing from these inexpensive installers and the answer is anything from draughts to the window itself falling out of location. The stating ‘you get what you spend for’ really holds true.

Concerns to ask your window installer
When it comes to replacing your existing windows, you wish to make sure that the new ones will get the job done and fulfil your requirements. To guarantee the new windows have whatever you need, you need to ask concerns prior to the handover of any money. You must be able to find out the bulk of things you want to understand by looking at the item pages on the installer’s site.

You’ll also benefit by seeking information on the installation procedure itself, it’s beneficial to discover things like the approximated timeframe and the techniques utilised to minimise the impact the process will have on your everyday activities.

Make the most of a replacement window
LeadsInstead of getting the precise type of windows you had previously, you ought to utilise this as an opportunity to increase the functionality of windows. Windows can be set up to fit the hole that your previous windows left whilst likewise differing in aesthetics and functionality. It’s worth researching to learn if there are windows that have much better security or energy efficiency than your previous ones and then use this opportunity to get the new sort of window installed.

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Picking the right design of doors for your residential or commercial property can be a tough job. While you want your door to be elegant and to match the exterior of your home, you likewise wish to choose a door that is safe, safe and thermally effective. A good front door ought to last you years, which is why you must ensure that the door you pick is the best quality and style for your house. Below we share a few suggestions on choosing the ideal door design for your property.


Choose the best kind of door for you


When picking a front door for your property, it is very important that you select a kind of door that both suits and matches the outside of your house. There are a series of various doors that you can select from. Listed below, the very first 2 options are perfect for front and back entrances, and the last 2 are ideal for the back of a house or a garden door.

Composite doors

Composite doors are comprised of a combination of different materials. Instead of being made up of one single material (such as uPVC or wood), composite doors are composed of a mix, such as wood, glass strengthened plastic and uPVC. The mix of various materials results in a strong and durable door, ruling out common flaws experienced in particular product doors

Composite doors are resistant to seasonal changes and extreme weather condition, making them ideal all year round. These types of doors have an insulating foam core, unlike standard wood doors, suggesting that they have a far greater thermal resistance and are more energy effective for your house. In terms of design, composite doors are perfect for the front entrance of practically any home; they are created to look like wood doors, but they won’t fade and can be wiped down easily to clean.

uPVC doors

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is ideal for both front and back doors Strong, sturdy and simple to preserve, uPVC doors are low cost yet high quality which makes them the perfect option for those on a spending plan. This kind of door is readily available in various wood grain results and numerous different designs.

Again, uPVC doors are water resistant and successfully keep both heat and cool air in a house. They are more suitable for houses than conventional wood doors which can diminish and warp under various weather conditions. uPVC doors are incredibly low upkeep and can be wiped down quickly with a wet cloth. UPVC doors are resistant to mildew, mould and insects.

Bi-fold doors.

Bi-folding doors are ideal for those wishing to open up their living areas at the back of a house. They are also ideal for connecting cooking areas, living rooms, dining spaces and more. Bi-folding doors are readily available in a series of various products (such as wood and uPVC), however aluminium bi-fold doors are the most popular and recommended choice due to toughness and efficiency requirements. It is likewise the most extensively recycled product!

Aluminium bi-fold doors are both lightweight and strong; aluminium frames, unlike wood, are resistant to twisting, broadening and contracting under numerous weather conditions. They are aesthetically pleasing, providing unrivalled natural light into your home and linking the inside of your house with the outside without restricting any views. Bi-fold doors are likewise really energy efficient and can be found in a wide range of various styles.

French and patio doors.

Outdoor patio and french doors are perfect for small to mid-sized entryways, adding a touch of beauty to any house. French doors are, typically, hinged double doors that open outwards. The primary advantage of french doors is that you have access to the entire width of the opening. Sliding patio doors enable you to accomplish much larger opening spaces and are very helpful for properties with restricted area.

Both choices enable natural light into your home and do not limit garden views. French and patio area doors are energy efficient and will keep heat in your house throughout the cooler months.

Think about style

Doors come in lots of various designs, designs and colours. Picking the ideal style for your home can be tough. Below we break down a couple of various styles to think about:


Victorian doors, motivated by duration architecture, usually feature elaborate panelling and ornamental glass designs. They include a traditional touch of sophistication to any home.


Georgian doors usually include fanlights– either a rectangular or semi-circular segmental window at the top of the door.


Contemporary doors are readily available in various styles; lots of have minimal panelling and geometric windows which look smooth and elegant.

Think about security

Did you understand that in over 65% of burglaries, access is gained through the front door? It is very important that the doors you pick for your property, whether it is your house or company, are strong and secure. All of the doors talked about above offer high levels of security which is why we recommend them.

In addition to picking a door that offers high levels of security, it is sensible to consider extra security features to offer you further comfort and to ensure that your home remains safe and safe versus possible thieves and trespassers. Additional features that you can add consist of security cameras, effective locking systems (such as a digital key free lock) and anti-snap locking cylinders.

Work out the measurements for your door installation

The next step in picking the ideal door for you is to exercise the measurements. If you are purchasing a replacement interior door, do not determine the existing door; instead, determine the door frame. As a basic guideline you ought to take 3 width measurements: at the top, the middle and the bottom. The widest measurement will figure out the width of your brand-new door. To work out the height of your brand-new door, measure the inside of each vertical side of the frame, keeping in mind to take any flooring covering into factor to consider.

Many trusted door companies will concern your home and measure your brand-new door themselves to guarantee the very best fit possible. Following this, they will supply you with a quote.

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A Quick Guide to Sound Proofing Windows

Problem noise can end up being a genuine frustration for individuals in all walks of life. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, it triggers a series of issues. Luckily, you do not need to endure it.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at noise pollution, why windows are vital to stopping it and the very best course of action for your residential or commercial property’s windows.

Problems with sound pollution

While it might appear insignificant to those who have not experienced it, noise pollution can be a major issue with real effects. At the very least, it can serve as a disturbance at home, making it difficult to concentrate whether you’re enjoying the television, reading a book or simply talking to pals.


This can end up being a lot more troublesome away from house, impacting the quiet environment of classrooms, medical rooms and boardrooms. That likewise applies to those who work from house, which represents more than 1 in 10 UK workers.

Beyond an easy frustration, annoyance noise can cause stress and anger, which in turn causes a variety of health problems, consisting of headaches, anxiety, skin problems, high blood pressure and even heart attack and stroke.

Depending upon the type and source of sound, that might even be coupled with an absence of sleep, which includes its own set of issues for psychological and physical health and wellbeing. That typically leads to bad performance at work, and even a loss of a job, simply because of a noisy house.

Worst of all, noticeable noise pollution can even make it challenging to offer your residential or commercial property looking for a quieter life. So, where is it coming from?

Causes of sound pollution

Here are some of the most common sources of annoyance noise in your home or in the office:

  • Roadway traffic
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Roadworks
  • Factories
  • Neighbours
  • Passers by
  • Bars, clubs and clubs
  • Animals or other animals
  • General noise from hectic city centres

Why windows matter

There’s more to the cause of noise pollution than the source of the noise alone. It’s worth considering why exactly your home is letting that noise in. Letter boxes, keyholes and feline flaps are all typical vulnerable points which should be examined. In lots of cases, it’s down to your windows.


Windows are among the weakest points in a home when it comes to sound intrusion. They’re large, thin and tight pieces of product, readily influences by acoustic wave energy. Without the best defence, they basically act like a speaker to transfer sound.


That’s not simply the case for old, single-glazed windows. Double or triple glazing struggles to provide a notable reduction as the vibration of the glass compresses the internal air or gas in the sealed unit. Together with the close distance of glass layers in double or triple glazing, that enables the sound wave energy to continue without much interference.


The option is secondary glazing

If you actually want to minimise the quantity of noise making it through your windows, secondary glazing is shown to be the most effective service. Why? The gap in between the existing window and secondary glazing panel is substantially larger than the gap you get in between double or triple glazed window panes.


That larger space creates a more substantial barrier for sound waves to pass through, indicating they’re much weaker by the time they get to the other side. A lot so, in fact, that it can be as much as 5 times more efficient than double glazing. With the ideal design and setup, it’s possible to lower sound by as much as 80%.


How to get the very best efficiency

To get the very best efficiency out of secondary glazing, lots of would assume glass is the most crucial factor. Nevertheless, while glass can make a difference, the most crucial element without a doubt is the air gap in between the existing primary glass and the brand-new secondary glass.


In other words, the larger the space, the better. It’s suggested to have a space of at least 100-150mm, or perhaps 200mm if you have the area available. Any decrease on the size of the gap in an available area will merely jeopardise performance and allow that bit more sound in through the windows.


Of course, not all windows have 200mm of area available for an internal panel. If that’s the case, we would advise to utilise whatever space is readily available and think about using acoustic glass to compensate.


Acoustic glass: what you require to understand

Provided the name, it’s understandable that individuals instantly think acoustic glass is a sure-fire method to stop sound coming through your windows. While it has its benefits, it’s not a miracle service.


Acoustic glass is designed to absorb and dissipate sound better than standard glass alternatives. Nevertheless, the difference in efficiency is relatively small, meaning it’s finest matched as part of a ‘belt and braces’ approach paired with secondary glazing, for instance.


If you’re pleased to spend additional to put the icing on the cake, acoustic glass can provide you a little more consistency in the variety of sound getting in the residential or commercial property.


That said, acoustic glass is rather costly compared to other alternatives, and it’s not essential to attain fantastic outcomes. Don’t be put off secondary glazing by that alone.


What’s the best glass to use?

When choosing the best glass for sound reduction, the crucial concern is constantly:


How severe is your sound problem and how is it affecting you?

If it’s a mild irritation, such as loud neighbours chatting into the night, then the focus can be on the air space. However, if the problem is more unpleasant and sensitivity to noise has actually ended up being a health issue, then a mix of an air gap with improved glass is advisable.


A combination of the two can then be discovered to fit even the most budget friendly budget plan. We would advise 6mm glass as a safe beginning point for the majority of requirements.

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Why Do I Need a Mattress Topper & Protectors?

When you’re dreaming of the most glamorous and sumptuous bed room devices and materials, you ‘d be forgiven for omitting cotton pillow protectors or an economy size mattress topper from your thoughts.


These ‘out of sight’ bedding accoutrements can be the extremely structure of all things high-end. Yes, they may not stick out aesthetically, however a high-quality topper or protector provides an extremely glamorous sleep. 


  1. They keep your bed and pillows looking helpful for longer

Nothing spells style like tidy, crisp white sheets and on a spotless mattress, so guaranteeing yours look good at all times, is very important. A spilt hot cocoa in the winter or toiletries that have unintentionally been overturned: incidents can take place quickly and can be difficult to eliminate, however a good quality mattress protector will make sure that spills and drips are not noticeable.


  1. They help you keep cool

Cotton is a breathable and natural product and as such, it can regulate your body temperature level while you sleep. Cotton can soak up the heat from your body, preventing you from awakening too hot and interrupting your sleep. As well as remaining cool, cotton will likewise keep you warm, as it assists to keep body heat.


  1. Allergies are kept away

A cotton mattress protector and pillow protectors will make certain your bed is kept hygienically tidy and will keep allergen at bay, guaranteeing you aren’t impacted by these and other irritants and irritants like mould and dead skin cells, throughout the night.


  1. Additional layers offer convenience

Quilted protectors give an additional layer of softness while you sleep, in addition to doing their primary job protecting your mattress or pillow. A protector with an elasticated skirt is always a good concept to prevent it from slipping off while you rest.


  1. Super support is offered

A luxury mattress topper is designed to sit on top of your mattress and provide assistance and softness. A bed mattress topper from DUSK is two-tiered with a leading layer filled with goose down and a bottom layer loaded with feathers for firm assistance. Readily available as a double mattress topper, king size bed mattress topper or a single mattress topper, the range is versatile on size, in addition to being luxurious. And do not forget the removable leading layer can be device cleaned.


Why pillow protectors?

Securing your pillows is likewise crucial, much like your bed mattress, so keep in mind to pop a set of these in your basket when you’re shopping online. Quilted pillow protectors enable an additional layer of support while also keeping your pillow clean and free from dust and spills.

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While lots of people set up brand-new windows at their houses due to the fact that they are interested in enhancing the appearance of their property, brand-new windows have another remarkable advantage that all homeowners will enjoy. When you have brand-new windows expertly set up at your house, you can also enjoy energy savings. This will equate to decrease monthly bills, which is an excellent way to make certain that you aren’t discussing spending plan monthly when heating and cooling your house. Double glazing is a fantastic way to prevent a great deal of the heat from escaping your home during the winter season, which will make sure that your energy expenses are as low as possible.


Keep Out Draughts


One manner in which having actually new windows installed at your home will assist to lower your month-to-month heating bills throughout the winter is that you won’t need to deal with cold draughts entering into your home. An old window at your home is going to be much more likely to leak and to permit cold air to come around the edges and into your house. While curtains can help to prevent this from occurring, cold air will still find its method into your house, and this will make it chilly in your house. As a result, you will have to run your heating unit for longer to heat up your area.


Prevent Condensation


Both a brand-new window, along with brand-new doors, can assist to prevent condensation from developing inside your home. This can make your house feel not just cooler than regular, however also damp. While this is a trouble due to the fact that it will need you to run your boiler longer to warm your house, you will likewise have to deal with the included issue of damp inside your home. When left alone, the damp can form mould and even begin to rot the wood frames on a door or a window.


Keep Your Home Cooling in the Summer


Not just will you take pleasure in a warmer home in the summer, thanks to new window installation, however you will likewise take pleasure in a cooler home in the summer. The factor for this is that the double glazing on the windows will assist to block harmful UV rays from entering your home. It’s these rays that not just raise the internal temperature of your home, however also can harm your art, upholstery, and carpet. When you work with a professional company, you will not need to fret about whether your newly installed door or window will offer you with the defence that you require.

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This is a question lots of UK property owners ask themselves, as they try to validate the high financial investment of replacing all the windows and doors in their home, and the short answer is, attention to detail. If we have a look at the core science of window and door replacement, it is a question of getting rid of rectangular or square frames (generally wood) and replacing them with either uPVC or aluminium units that are double glazed. As no two structures equal, the perfect method to tackle doors and window replacement is for each system to be fabricated to millimetre-accurate dimensions and with the customer’s option of opening styles, colour and features, the new doors and windows would fit like a glove.


Interior Reveals


When the replacement window frame is firmly fixed to the window opening, the double-glazed unit can then be fitted, sealed with neoprene and the interior making good can begin. Plaster and either wallpaper or paint will quickly restore the inner expose to its original state, then comes the interior window sill– which would normally be stained mahogany  and finished to an extremely high requirement. Where the window frame fulfils the plaster, the installers would run a really thin line of high grade silicone, which cushions the very small movement of the frame due to temperature modifications. The finishing side of replacement windows requires attention to detail and this is one indicator of a quality setup, which is why our time-served installation teams pride themselves in their finishing, which is second to none.


Aesthetic appeals


It isn’t simply a question of how the windows are fitted, certainly your option of designs, colours and functions are numerous and with the help of our in-house style group, you will select something that will add character and design to the home. Composites use a maintenance complimentary option to traditional lumber frames, yet experienced wood is typically the preferred product for a period residential or commercial property, and at The Window Centre, we understand the importance of aesthetic appeals and make every effort to help our clients complement their home with the best double glazing. Trendy and stylish patios use a cost-effective way to include some home and aren’t as pricey as you might think.


Quality Materials & Fabrication


Aside from the method the systems are fitted, one must likewise take a look at the real window make-up, which would either be of uPVC or aluminium, while seasoned wood is also popular for rustic properties and the surfaces are guaranteed not to fade, split or peel and can handle the severe UK climate. The ideal spacing for a double-glazed window would be 16mm and with hermetical sealing, the argon gas-filled cavity offers an optimum heat loss barrier.

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